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I love an all white outfit, especially in the summer. Nothing says summer like white does. Unfortunately because I have been going sans self tanner lately I have been feeling pastier than normal. Wearing all white makes me a little nervous when I have such a fair complexion! Regardless of my feelings, summer will be […]
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What’s In My Bag?

I am always interested what is inside my friend’s purses. I have some friends that just carry a phone and some cash, while I have others that store their entire life inside of one bag. I usually fall some where in between this spectrum mainly because I hate when my purse is heavy (it’s the […]
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Crop Top

For this look I was really excited to pair a crop top and a high waisted skirt. The crop-top-matching-skirt-combo is really popular right now so I wanted to put my own twist on it. All black is one of my signature looks (you can’t go wrong with black right?) but this is definitely a new […]


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Feeling Fall

One thing I love is fall (so basic, I know..)! Unfortunately, growing up in southern California I never experienced the seasons change. Literally, the difference between summer and winter in southern California is about twenty degrees. Some people love this but, I am not a fan (hence the upcoming move East). Regardless of the geographical […]
Mod Affair Megan Rustigian Heroine Sport

Heroine Sport

Heroine Sport is a relatively new hybrid athletic wear brand that I am in love with! They have a really unique style that is functional and sporty with an edge. I almost always wear black when I am going to the gym to work out because I hate the gross sweat rings you get from […]
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