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Working in Fashion: Trunk Club

Landing one of the highly coveted jobs in fashion in New York City is a dream for many, but what happens after you’re hired? What is working in fashion in New York City really like? In this series, we will be talking with the women and men of fashion to get an insider look at […]

The Closet Diaries: Celine

One of my favorite designers is Celine. Partly because Phoebe Philo is so inspirational and original and partly because the classic and timeless designs Phoebe Philo has and continues to produce. Regardless, there is nothing I love more than my black suede Celine Medium Luggage Phantom bag. Not only does the black suede go with […]

Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub

The Gold Sugar Scrub by Omorovicza is pure bliss. Exfoliating is obviously an important part of achieving a glowing complexion and the Gold Sugar Scrub is perfect for obtaining ultimate results. The Gold Sugar Scrub is gentle enough to use every time you shower which makes this a perfect staple in your beauty routine. Most people only exfoliate […]


I love an all white outfit, especially in the summer. Nothing says summer like white does. Unfortunately because I have been going sans self tanner lately I have been feeling pastier than normal. Wearing all white makes me a little nervous when I have such a fair complexion! Regardless of my feelings, summer will be […]

What’s In My Bag?

I am always interested what is inside my friend’s purses. I have some friends that just carry a phone and some cash, while I have others that store their entire life inside of one bag. I usually fall some where in between this spectrum mainly because I hate when my purse is heavy (it’s the […]

Crop Top

For this look I was really excited to pair a crop top and a high waisted skirt. The crop-top-matching-skirt-combo is really popular right now so I wanted to put my own twist on it. All black is one of my signature looks (you can’t go wrong with black right?) but this is definitely a new […]

Feeling Fall

One thing I love is fall (so basic, I know..)! Unfortunately, growing up in southern California I never experienced the seasons change. Literally, the difference between summer and winter in southern California is about twenty degrees. Some people love this but, I am not a fan (hence the upcoming move East). Regardless of the geographical […]

Heroine Sport

Heroine Sport is a relatively new hybrid athletic wear brand that I am in love with! They have a really unique style that is functional and sporty with an edge. I almost always wear black when I am going to the gym to work out because I hate the gross sweat rings you get from […]

Denim All Day

Jumpsuits and jumpers in the summer are one of my favorite looks. When I laid eyes on this 3×1 denim jumpsuit I was so excited. It was casual but could easily be dressed up, it was perfect! I had to get it in my closet! The halter style, backless jumpsuit really adds a sexy edge […]

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint

I love Guerlain make up, it’s really high quality and really makes your skin look amazing. The Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint I picked up recently because it is summer and I was hoping to try something new. Although the product is a few years old, it was new for me and I had been dying to […]