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Feeling Fall

One thing I love is fall (so basic, I know..)! Unfortunately, growing up in southern California I never experienced the seasons change. Literally, the difference between summer and winter in southern California is about twenty degrees. Some people love this but, I am not a fan (hence the upcoming move East). Regardless of the geographical location, I still love fall! Darker colors, leather, booties, pumpkin spice lattes (had to sorry!).

Since all of the pre-fall emails are circulating my inbox right now, I have been getting excited putting together my seasonal list of “must haves” (one day I will elaborate on my book of lists!). I started to feel a little nostalgic about last fall and decided, why not put together a pre-fall-last-fall outfit with some of my favorite 2014 pieces? Thus, the outfit was born! Some of these pieces are going to be making a come back this fall so I am excited to see them again! The shirt is NSF, which was pre fall/fall 2014, I actually picked this up at Intermix last year. I love the buffalo check on the NSF shirt with the bleach out spots, it gives it a vintage-destroyed feel that adds a little edge. The shorts are Rag & Bone leather pajama shorts, which I got last August from ShopBop. Who doesn’t love anything leather? I had to have these! Shoes are Rag & Bone as well. Sunnies are Celine.

  Mod Affair Megan Rustigian NSF Rag&BoneMod Affair Megan Rustigian NSF Rag&Bone
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