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Heroine Sport

Heroine Sport is a relatively new hybrid athletic wear brand that I am in love with! They have a really unique style that is functional and sporty with an edge. I almost always wear black when I am going to the gym to work out because I hate the gross sweat rings you get from lighter colors (ew, I know..). I have mentioned before, wearing shorts to the gym has never been my thing either, which is why I love these Heroine Sport crops! They are half solid and half mesh, which I love for the ventilation (it is almost like wearing shorts but better because of the coverage)!  I really love this sports bra and crop combo too because it’s a modern, subtly matchy-matchy pair, not a juicy-couture-hot-pink-sweat-pant-combo-early-two-thousands nightmare pair (yes.. I just went there, but you know it’s true!). I am really looking forward to what Heroine Sport has in store for this winter!   Mod Affair Megan Rustigian Heroine SportMod Affair Megan Rustigian Heroine SportMod Affair Megan Rustigian Heroine Sport
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    • Danny says:

      My summer oituft of choice is: cuffed boyfriend jeans, white tshirt, valentine Tom’s shoes, and a leather bag slung over the body, with a navy blue cardigan, too, since I live in the bay area where summer is breezy!Favorite polish? OPI It’s Boquet With Me and OPI Oh, So Taupe


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