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Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub

The Gold Sugar Scrub by Omorovicza is pure bliss. Exfoliating is obviously an important part of achieving a glowing complexion and the Gold Sugar Scrub is perfect for obtaining ultimate results. The Gold Sugar Scrub is gentle enough to use every time you shower which makes this a perfect staple in your beauty routine. Most people only exfoliate occasionally when they are prepping for self tanner or because they are getting ready for a tropical vacation, but to really have continually smooth and glowing skin exfoliating should be done every time you shower. Finding an exfoliant that is gentle enough to use everyday and effectively exfoliates can be a challenge, most are to rough and leave your skin red and irritated and others are too gentle and appear to make little difference for your skin. This is precisely why I love the Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub, gentle and effective! The gold in the Gold Sugar Scrub is anti-inflammatory which is perfect for avoiding red, irritated skin and makes the scrub perfect for everyday use and sensitive skin. Another reason I highly recommend the Gold Sugar Scrub is because Omorovicza only uses the best ingredients! You can be sure that you are getting only skin loving ingredients and fair trade cane sugar.  
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  1. Tsukasa says:

    I start with a clean face, splash warm water to open pores and then take the juice from a wedge of a lemon and pour onto a coottn round, then once soaked with lemon juice I will sprinkle organic sugar.. Then I exfoliate my entire face and neck with it while putting medium pressure and small circles. Once done rinse with warm and then cool water and pat dry. You will not believe the results! Skin is immediately softer, tighter and u will also notice this is great for preventing acne, as the lemon juice kills any bacteria.. This also over time will get rid of sun spots, freckles, fine lines.. Like going to the dermatologist and getting a mini peel or Microdermabrasion , but u are only spending pennies! I swear u will be so impressed u willWant to do this every week.. Oh also removesSelf tanner, in case u went overboard with sunlessTan and need to remove.. I definitely only use real fresh cut lemons not bottled lemon juice ( bottled kind has all preservatives in it which will seep into skin, yuck!) fresh lemonsAnd organic sugar are the way to glow! I mean go but hey you r going to glow too!


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