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The Closet Diaries: Celine

One of my favorite designers is Celine. Partly because Phoebe Philo is so inspirational and original and partly because the classic and timeless designs Phoebe Philo has and continues to produce. Regardless, there is nothing I love more than my black suede Celine Medium Luggage Phantom bag. Not only does the black suede go with […]
Mod Affair Megan Rustigian Haute Hippie Rag & Bone Vince Prada Celine


I love an all white outfit, especially in the summer. Nothing says summer like white does. Unfortunately because I have been going sans self tanner lately I have been feeling pastier than normal. Wearing all white makes me a little nervous when I have such a fair complexion! Regardless of my feelings, summer will be […]
Mod Affair Megan Rustigian NSF Rag&Bone

Feeling Fall

One thing I love is fall (so basic, I know..)! Unfortunately, growing up in southern California I never experienced the seasons change. Literally, the difference between summer and winter in southern California is about twenty degrees. Some people love this but, I am not a fan (hence the upcoming move East). Regardless of the geographical […]

Little Black Sunnies

Black sunglasses are one of my favorite staple wardrobe accessories. A little black pair of sunnies will go with almost every piece of clothing I own, which is why I love them! They are so versatile and yet add so much je ne sais quoi to your look. Three of my favorite pairs of sunnies […]