I love Michi! They make the most comfortable, functional, sexy work out attire I have ever seen! I mean, have you ever even seen the words sexy and comfortable combined in the same sentence? Slim chance… Anyways, I love the hydra crop and feline bra combination so much. I was really skeptical about the feline […]
Megan Rustigian Mod Affair Heroine Sport S'well Bottle Beats by Dre Nike Roshe Michi NY

Black, White, and Mesh

Gym Essentials: Heroine Sport, Michi, S’well, Nike, Beats Being active is a huge part of my life! Whether it be going to the gym or going on a hike or going for a run, I like to sweat minimum once a day. Of course since I spend about 50% or more of my time in […]