I love Michi! They make the most comfortable, functional, sexy work out attire I have ever seen! I mean, have you ever even seen the words sexy and comfortable combined in the same sentence? Slim chance… Anyways, I love the hydra crop and feline bra combination so much. I was really skeptical about the feline […]
Megan Rustigian Mod Affair S'well Bottle

S’well Bottle

I love my S’well Bottles! These seriously keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, seriously. On top of that it will even keep my fave Perrier sparkling water carbonated, amazing! S’well bottles are made with the highest grade stainless steel and fit in standard cup holders. The opening is just […]
Megan Rustigian Mod Affair Heroine Sport S'well Bottle Beats by Dre Nike Roshe Michi NY

Black, White, and Mesh

Gym Essentials: Heroine Sport, Michi, S’well, Nike, Beats Being active is a huge part of my life! Whether it be going to the gym or going on a hike or going for a run, I like to sweat minimum once a day. Of course since I spend about 50% or more of my time in […]