Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

I love Tata Harper products! The Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser is a staple in my skincare regime along with my other favorite the Regenerating Cleanser. The Purifying Cleanser is best for cleansing the skin from daily wear and tear of environmental exposure and pollution by effectively clearing pores of excess oil, dead skin, and buildup (I generally use this at night). It is a hydrating formula that will purify your skin with a blend of sugars, broccoli extract, and fruit enzymes. The Purifying Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin and refines the appearance of pores while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance using an invigorating blend of essential oils to wash away impurities for a deeply refreshed look and feel. I love how natural this product is and the way my skin feels from it after washing at night.

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